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We want to give everyone the opportunity to learn about a new way of life and we can do so with our wide range of educational workshops.
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Chemical-Free Living

We want to teach how you can transform your home into a low-toxic, chemical-free space.
We will introduce a number of plant-based products that can substitute your old ones.

COVID-19 Health

With COVID-19 having become a big part of our lives,
we want to teach you how to protect, support and maintain your body.
More specifically discussing your immune system and how you can nourish it during this time.

DIY Perfume

Chemical free perfumes with the world of fragrances to choose from.
Easy to make and carry with you.

Hormone & Libido

Our bodies are constantly changing but that doesn't mean we don't have any control.
Let us teach you how you can stabilise and strengthen your hormones to benefit your libido and self-love.

Essential Oils 101

New to essential oils? 
In this workshop we take you through the basics and how to introduce them to your business, home and lifestyle.

Mental Health

With the competing demands of our lifestyle, we will take you through
how you can take time for yourself and become comfortable with self-care routines.
Although the world around us expects so much, you are still allowed to put yourself first.

Clean Beauty

You shouldn't have to compromise your health for your beauty.
In this workshop we introduce Savvy Minerals by Young Living products,
developed with an unwavering standard of purity and quality.

Mum & Bubs

Connect with your child and provide them a safe space to grow up in.
Learn the different ways you can make a positive impact on their lives, as well as your own.

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