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About Me

Living with Nature was created at a pivotal point in my life. In 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my world crumbled around me. My perspective on life completely changed and I new I was changing. My career was at an all time high, cracking the Executive ranks of government. I pushed myself through surgery and treatment. I returned to work part-time and found myself trying to squeeze a full weeks work into three days for two years. This was exhausting and I could see no light at the end. 

Post treatment advice was I needed to exercise and for those that know me, exercise was not a priority in my life.  I was introduced to Sharelle Wagner qualified personal trainer and now my best friend, sister by heart and business partner. All I can say she is amazing and now I'm working out three times a week. Okay sometimes I drop a session or two, but never my massage.



During my fitness time, Sharelle would share with me her love of Essential Oils and chemical free living. After a short time I could see and feel the results. Every time I apply my essential oil my brain has a sensation of release. I haven't looked back and now loving to share my research and knowledge with you. I have really found my passion on a product I truly believe in and looking forward to sharing this with you. Sharelle is a sister to me and I am so grateful for her love and friendship. 

I resigned from public service in 2021 after 35 years and now focus on Living with Nature by Maria. I have decided to go back to studying and doing the Master Clinical Aromatherapist Diploma through the Australian College of Aromatherapy. 

I am passionate and look forward to sharing and supporting your journey.


A big thank you to my daughter, Micheyla (Mickey) for supporting me through my journey and help me put this website together. I've been blessed to have you choose me as your mother and best friend. Love you with all my heart. 

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